Reflections, is really an ongoing project as it is something I really enjoy shooting.

The original idea for the project came from a rule I set myself when I was out with my camera in Manchester a few years ago.

As north west Enland is quite often a wet place, I wanted to make use of the puddles.

I walked around the city looking into puddles to see what I could see reflected in them.

So far I have used puddles, rivers and the windows of buildings to look at the reflections of architecture around the cities.

The original idea behind the project was that, when walking through cities, we rarely look at the architecture that surrounds us and instead fous on getting where we want to be. 

I have found that it is amazing what you can see when you look for reflections.

While Reflections is an ongoing project, several of the images were exhibitied in Tyneside Coffee Rooms August - November 2013

Reflections, part of Perspectives, a solo exhibtion
August - Novemeber 2013, Tyneside Coffee Rooms, Newcastle

Reflections was shown alongside Challenging Environments  as part of Perspectives at Tyneside Coffee Rooms.

All images are copyright of Francesca Dent.
Please email if you want to use any of these photographs.

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