In Memoriam

In Memoriam is a mixed media project combining photography and poetry.

The project focuses on the belongings of a handful of men who fought for King and Country during World War One.

While the majority of the artefacts were photographed curtesy of the Durham Light Infantry Museum, the images of the photographs and medals taken for the project come from my family collection.

My Great Grandad, Albert Marshall, was a Stoker 1st Class in the Royal Navy.

I combined the photographs of the World War One artefacts with famous war poems to make people think about those that gave their lives for us.

In Memoriam was exhibited in Tyneside Coffee Rooms, Newcastle from November 2014 - March 2015.

Artefacts are reproduced with the permission of the Trustees of the former Durham Light Infantry and the DLI Museum.

In Memoriam was featured in NE Lifestyle magazine in the News in Brief section two months in a row.

In Memoriam, a solo exhibition by Francesca Dent. November 2014-March 2015, Tyneside Coffee Rooms, Newcastle upon Tyne

All images are copyright of Francesca Dent.
Please email if you want to use any of these photographs.

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