Missing is a mixed media project combining photography and extracts from a Newcastle Upon Tyne Quayside Guidebook.

The Book, Newcastle Quayside Guide, was written by my Auntie, Maria Hoy in 1999.

Missing looks at the anonymity and loneliness of city living.

I wanted to combine the feelings of anonymity and lonlieness  with how much the city of Newcastle has changed since the book, Newcastle Quayside Guide, was written.  

The project took many, very different twists and turns while I worked on it and it took me quite some time to achieve the feelings I wanted too.

Removing people from the images was not my original idea. It was inspired by some photography essays I was reading at the time but I really liked what I created.

The photographs used in the project were originally taken by my auntie while researching the book. I decided to reappropriate existing images rather than taking my own images as they show just how much has changed along the quayside.

Once I had removed the people from the origianal image I created a blank world, flipped the figures horizontaly and put the two images side by side to create two anonymus, lonely worlds.

Missing was exhibitied alongside the work of other artists and photographers at The Lucky Jotter's 5th exhibition in Nottingham 14th – 21st of October 2013 and again in Brew Dog Newcastle, April 2014.


April 22nd 2014

"We called in to view your 'Missing' exhibition at Brew Dog in Newcastle.

We loved the concept behind it and how you have captured the meaning of how 'invisible' people can be, even in a busy city.

I'm no expert but the technique you employed works really well to illustrate that."

Missing as part of The Lucky Jotter's 5TH Exhibition.
14th - 21st October 2013, The Wall at Jam Industries, Nottingham.

Missing a solo exhibition April 2014, BrewDog, Dean Street Newcastle Upon Tyne.

All images are copyright of Francesca Dent.
Please email francesca_dent@yahoo.co.uk if you want to use any of these photographs.

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